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A lot of truth here. What if we took away all of the fish bumper stickers & tshirts and had to show we were Christians by how we live our life?

United Methodeviations

Culture works on church like a cancer.  Popularity is the new standard of excellence.  Having a slogan or a sound bite or a brand is so much more important than being relevant or having integrity.  Our get-’em-in-the-doors-by-any-means mentality has done more to kill the church than almost anything else, but it gives the false impression of success.  I saw a man set a record for cramming over three hundred french fries in his mouth at one time, but the caption along the bottom of the television screen read Highlands Assemblies of God Church — and I thought, what a perfect metaphor!  Super Size UMC.  It’s no wonder that the rest of the world looks at what has become of the church and walks away shaking their collective head.  They simply know a sell-out when they see one — reducing the gospel of Jesus Christ to slogans.  I got news for you, slapping…

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