Project 365: Day 57 Senior High Sabbath Bible Study


Be still, and know that I am God!
I am exalted among the nations,
I am exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10

Tonight I gave SBUMCSHBS the gift of quiet time with God. We have been studying time, Sabbath and connecting with God a lot this year. We began the hour by centering ourselves, getting the noise out of our heads and putting aside our phones:


Students, journals and pens in hand, quietly rotated through five prayer stations. Each station had a description, Scripture, reflection questions, an activity and a prayer.

They lit a candle and asked for God’s light in the areas of life that needed guidance:


They wrote on a stone as they remembered what God has delivered us from and what He has given us:


They enjoyed grapes and bread as they remembered God’s blessings from the earth:


With water, they were cleansed and made whole and renewed:


And, perhaps most importantly, they
simply rested in quiet meditation:


What a joy to share the gift of quiet time with God!


How do you observe Sabbath time?
What can you do today to quiet yourselves and just be in God’s presence?

Project 365: Day 42

At the Academy, we spend hours in silence. When you shut off the noise, you can actually listen. It is such a gift.

My day in pictures:











In limited ways, I still access the rest of the world, read emails and the like. I have been limiting this to maybe 5 minutes a day. While here I received an email from a colleague in youth ministry asking for my advice about a difficult situation. I have been in her situation so I could empathize. What a gift I have been given by having days set aside to pray about it and wait for God’s answer.

Project 365: Day 36 SBUMCSHBS


As a lifelong United Methodist, I love a good acronym. I present to you SBUMCSHBS, pronounced s-bum’-ick-sh-bis. Teaching Wednesday night Senior High Bible Study is one of my favorite parts of my week.

Bonus: It’s also my weekly Texas Youth Academy reunion with Jake.

Tonight we talked about how God communicates with people. We came up with these ways: through Jesus, through other people, the Bible, nature, letters, prayer, burning bushes, music, situations, feelings in our gut and voices in our heads. And the occasional donkey.

How have you experienced God’s communication?
Where have you heard or sensed God?