Haiti Mission: Day 4 – Water Filters, Home Visits and meeting the village

Our day began with Haitian coffee on the porch & breakfast, followed by preparing 40 buckets for our first day of water filter demonstrations.

Each bucket is labeled with the mission team and date so there is a record of when the filter went into service.


The 2+ hour long water filter classes are arranged by the local church and taught by our translator team members. Other than helping out and being willing to drink the safe, filtered water, the Americans fade into the background as much as possible. (Linda served as our “Vanna White” and helped hold up posters.)The water filters are an outreach project of the local Mellier Methodist Church, and we are blessed to partner with them.

Lamaire and Linda lead the class

After lunch, our team filled snack bags for the school children here. (It got very hot this afternoon so we rested in the cool building in the hottest part of the day.)

In the late afternoon, we were guided by church leader Richard around the village to check on filters distributed by earlier teams.

In the evening, we played with children – so many wonderful children!

We are looking forward to another full day tomorrow. Thanks for taking time to read about our mission trip.

I wish this kind of work was free to do. Each water filter system we bring to the families of Haiti costs approximately $35, our sporting equipment and VBS supplies add up…if you feel led to contribute, please consider donating through this link. Your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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